PLANS to build more than one hundred homes on a site in Kelvindale are set to be given the green light.

Mactaggart And Mickel Homes are looking to build a total of 114 homes on the site formerly known as Gibson Hall on Dorchester Avenue.

Despite receiving 14 letters of objection, including from Kelvindale Community Council, permission is expected to be granted for the build.

Objectors raised a number of concerns regarding the development including that it could create additional traffic, congestion and parking issues and creates concerns over flood risk and drainage.

Those living nearby, commented that the height of the three blocks could overshadow neighbouring properties leading to a loss of view.

Fears were also raised that the flats could potentially be used as student accommodation.

A report published in relation to the development addressed residents concerns by outlining plans for 141 parking spaces for residents and visitors.

The report which will go before the Planning Applications Committee on Tuesday, outlined that the proposal has been assessed for its impact on the surrounding properties in terms of overshadowing and loss of daylight.

Adding: “It has been found that the proposal given the orientation of the buildings and movements of the sun will not have a detrimental impact on neighbouring residents.

“Pedestrian access has been key in the site layout and ensuring a link to existing path networks in the area. Encouraging people to walk and cycle, avoiding car use has been core to this.

“The development of this brownfield site will create a more vibrant street frontage onto Dorchester Avenue to the overall betterment of the streetscene.”

Members of the Kelvindale community have said that the increased parking provision doesn’t go far enough to remedy the situation.

Wilma Jamieson said: “Although developers have increased residents parking provision, I think they need to provide 2 car parking spaces per flat plus visitor parking.

“Most households nowadays have two cars. It doesn't look as though any consideration has been given to car parking at Dorchester shops or amount of traffic in and out of Kelvindale primary.”

The report concluded that the application was “in accordance with the Development Plan and there were no material considerations which outweighed the proposal's accordance with the Development Plan.”

The Planning Application Committee will debate the development on Tuesday.