THIS revealing series of photos showing life as an officer cadet has scooped top prize in a prestigious competition which captures the unseen scenes of British Army life.

Bombardier Murray Kerr caught cadets with shields and batons in what appears to be a simulated conflict - a sharp contrast to his snap of them sleeping in their bunks.

He scooped top prize in the Best Amateur Portfolio in the prestigious annual British Army Photographic Competition.

Murray Kerr, 45, from Glasgow, a reservist photographer of 13 years, said: “Taking pictures for the Sandhurst Group is such a great experience.

“It really is a centre of excellence.

“The officer cadets work so hard to get to climb the steps and commission into the Army; as such you always get such good photo opportunities in all weathers, night or day.”

Murray who served on Op Herrick 7 in Afghanistan as a Gunner, added: “The professionalism of the directing staff who make it all work set such a high standard that you are seeing people at their very best.”

Some 780 entries were submitted as part of the annual competition.

Other highlights included an incredible photo of a soldier’s piercing stare taken b

The annual competition is open to all regular and reserve personnel, staff and cadets, and contractors who work directly with the Army.

The aim of the competition is to capture snapshots of Army life not usually seen by the general public.

Photography is a recognised trade in the Royal Logistic Corps and there are 38 professional photographers in the British Army.