There was an inevitable feeling about Pedro Caixinha's exit from Rangers yesterday.

He seemed like a nice enough fella but ultimately if you are not getting the results then, as a manager, you know that there is criticism and you know there is only really one way that it ends.

He had a pop at the players this week and in some ways, I am not sure that you could blame him; the manager cops it in the neck when performances are poor but players sometimes need to look at themselves in the mirror too.

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There is always a fine line between lambasting people publicly. There is a place for it but you have to be measured in how you do it.

In my own mind, it is the dressing room when you have the real go, a proper go. That is when you can really say exactly what you think.

In any case, it would appear that the club are on a hunt for a new manager just seven months after the appointment of the Portuguese.

It leaves the Ibrox club back at square one but while the Ibrox support will irked, I don't know that I can fully go along with Graeme Souness' assessment of Scottish football in its current state.

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On one level I understand what he is saying; a strong Celtic and Rangers makes for a stronger league and creates greater competition. I wouldn't refute that, and I suspect that many would understand what he is getting at.

However, what you would also have to say is that Rangers' implosion hasn't affected Celtic and how they have gone about their business. It is not Celtic's fault and nor is it any other club's fault that Rangers are in the current state that they are.

On and off the park Celtic have not been caught standing still. They have progressed, they have an ambition to improve the playing side and the business side of things and they have moved on to another level under Brendan Rodgers.

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The other thing is that it is not an issue for the rest of Scottish football that Rangers are in crisis because of the manner in which they were mismanaged. It is up to them as a club to steer themselves out of it although how they do that is a question for others to address.

However, it can't be the responsibility of Scottish football to sort it. They have to look after their own house while Celtic have to continue going in the same direction.