AN ANIMAL welfare charity is pushing forward with legal action against a Glasgow dog walking firm after two animals died in its care.

Distraught dog owners contacted the police and the Scottish SPCA after their dogs died while being looked after by Nose2Tail-K9Care earlier this year.

The animals died on June 14, 2017.

Katrina Reid McConnell, whose dog Milly was being looked after by the Anniesland firm, contacted police when she became suspicious of the explanation for her dog's death given by the firm.

Katrina, 20, from Jordanhill, said: "They told us the original story, that all five dogs were playing and all of them just got scared and scattered.

"My dog was completely blind and she's never run away, so that part of the story didn't add up.

"All the different dog owners were told different stories too. Some were told the dogs were in a river and then some of them were found and some were not. It didn't make sense.

When Katrina's dog was taken to the vet, she claims it was 1.5 degrees hotter than if it was alive, and it had also arrived at the clinic soaking wet.

Sadly, it passed away along with another dog which was also being looked after by the firm.

Two other dogs had to be admitted to veterinary hospitals but have since recovered.

Katrina said; "What we believe is a more likely situation is that the dogs were out being walked, then put in the back of the dog walking van, and overheated.

"We imagine they then soaked them with water to try to cool them down, but at this point Milly was already dead."

Katrina reported the incident to the police, and the SSPCA who then interviewed her family and those of the other dogs.

Veterinary clinics which treated the animals have also been quizzed and provided statements.

SSPCA investigators have now submitted their findings to the Procurator Fiscal, who will then decide whether there is enough evidence to take forward legal action.

Scottish SPCA Chief Inspector Hamish Mackintosh said, “We can confirm that we have submitted a report to the procurator fiscal.”

Since the incident, the website and Facebook page for Nose2Tailk9care has been removed from online, and the phone numbers for the firm are unavailable.

The Evening Times attempted to contact the firm on numerous occasions but has not received any response.