A CROOKED ex lawyer contributed to a parcel firm going bust after embezzling almost £20,000.

David Nightingale, 35, pocketed thousands from Prompt Parcel Ltd when he worked as a salesman.

Clients of the company, who provide courier services, were given personal bank details by scheming Nightingale - only months after he had been in court for defrauding clients when he was a lawyer.

When a colleague queried an unpaid invoice with a client company it lead back to disgraced Nightingale.

The company have since folded which the court heard is “partly” to do with the fraudster.

Nightingale, from Cumbernauld, appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court where he admitted embezzling £19, 618 between April and December, 2015 at the company based in Glasgow’s Washington Street.

He now faces being jailed by sheriff Kenneth Hogg when he returns to the court later this month and has been told he “may well find he will not be at liberty”.

The court heard that on December 11, 2015 an employee contacted a client of the company about services that had not been paid for.

Fiscal depute Chris Farrell said: “When speaking to the company director the witness was assured that the monies had been paid and provided banking details to vouch for same.

“Following this an internal investigation was convened and it was noticed that a number of payments from clients had been paid directly in to the personal bank account of the accused.”

The sales advisor was contacted by text and admitted what he had done.

Mr Farrell added: “The accused admitted that he was suffering from a gambling addiction.”

Companies were given Nightingale’s bank details in the belief that they were Prompt Parcel’s bank details.

The court heard that of the thousands embezzled, “some of that” has been repaid and it is believed to be about half of it.

Mr Farrell said: “The company Prompt Parcel Limited has since went in to liquidation.

“The Crown understands that’s partly due to the actions of the accused.”