THOUSANDS of NHS workers in Glasgow could be in line for a Christmas cash bonanza for missed holiday pay.

Staff including hospital domestics, care assistants and administrative workers do not receive paid leave for voluntary overtime, only compulsory extra hours.

However, this could change following an employment tribunal which ruled that ‘regular’ voluntary overtime should be including in holiday pay calculations.

The Scottish Government is due to release a directive, which could force health boards across Scotland to begin including voluntary overtime in paid leave and potentially backdate years of missed payments.

Unison Scotland has been fighting for regular voluntary overtime hours to be recognised and said it could affect up to 3000 NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde employees.

The bill for NHS Scotland could total £35million. NHSGGC employs a quarter of the national workforce.

Matt McGlaughlin, Unison Scotland’s Head of Health, said: “This is statutory entitlements for these workers.

“NHS Greater Glasgow and the other health boards need to stop playing games and get this money in these people’s pockets.”

Unite has previously called on employers to urgently get their ‘house in order’ after it secured a landmark legal victory meaning employers must now include voluntary overtime in holiday pay calculations.

The case involved 56 workers including electricians, plumbers and roofers employed by Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council.

They worked voluntary paid overtime, standby and call out work and the Employment Appeals Tribunal said that these additional payments should be included in the calculation of holiday pay. 

A spokeswoman for NHSGGC said: “The issue relates to overtime payments to staff while on leave.

“The Board is in discussion with the Scottish Government with regard to the implications of Employment Tribunal outcomes elsewhere in the UK which may have an impact on NHS Scotland staff.  

“We are also in communication with Trade Union organisations who have raised this issue and we are awaiting guidance which will ensure a consistent approach across NHS Scotland employers in paying overtime payments during annual leave.”

A Scottish Government spokesperson said; “The inclusion of voluntary overtime in the calculation of holiday pay is currently being discussed by NHS Scotland employers, employee’s representatives and the Scottish Government, with the intention of reaching an agreed position in the near future.

“We value our NHS workforce incredibly highly and it is essential that they receive all remuneration they are entitled to.”

Glasgow City Council said the payments had been implemented in 2015.