WORKERS at a Govan pharmacy were left fearing for their safety after coming under attack from a customer.

Staff members at a pharmacy on Harmony Row, Govan, were working when Anthony Broadley started banging on the window around 4.20pm.

After asking him what he wanted, the door to the pharmacy was locked to protect the staff inside.

Broadley, of Shaw Street, also in Govan, refused to leave the vicinity and instead stood staring at staff through the window.

He then began kicking the door to the pharmacy until the glass panel shattered.

The 31-year-old then climbed through the broken glass before eventually leaving when police were called.

On their arrival officers noted that the staff inside appeared distressed by the experience and eventually tracked the thug down to place him under arrest.

While at the police office, he pretend to cops that he was someone else in an attempt to pervert the course of justice.

Just months before, Broadley had been picked up by police after the attended an address on Jamieson Street due to reports on an ongoing disturbance.

Cops found the accused lying in the doorway shouting and swearing on April 20.

After noticing blood coming from his left ear, paramedics were called to the scene.

While waiting for medical staff to arrive, Broadley became abusive towards police, telling them to “get to f***” and uttering homophobic remarks.

The paramedic sent to the scene began administering first aid to Broadley who responded by repeatedly holding her by the wrist and refusing to let her go.

As police attempted to bring him under control, the thug threw punches towards two officers on the head, tried to bite them on the body and spat at them.

He struggled violently with the arresting officers and refused to stop when told.

Broadley appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court for sentencing after pleading guilty to the incidents.

Sheriff Reid placed the accused on a structured deferred sentence as a direct alternative to a custodial sentence.