A SCAM targeting online shoppers is dropping into email inboxes across Glasgow

Scammers are sending out emails impersonating online retail giant, Amazon, in an attempt to get a hold of personal and financial information.

Before you laugh it off thinking you'll never be fooled, tale a look at the email the scammers are sending - at first glance it looks genuine.

Evening Times:

This clever phony email is designed to look like it was sent out by Amazon and even includes the company’s logo, and their social media icons - but it's ALL fake.

One of the biggest indicators that this email is fake is the 'Amazon.com' logo - all correspondence from Amzon in the UK states, 'Amazon.co.uk'.

There are currently two styles of phishing email beng sent out to unsuspecting Amazon customers.

Both emails explain that 'Amazon' can't confirm your identity (personal information, address, etc) or your payment details associated with your account. You are then asked to verify your information by clicking the link in the message.

Do not click the link.

Clicking the link will then take you to a third party website that could have malware that can compromise your device. 

How to Avoid Email Phishing Scams:

Don’t click on links in unsolicited emails - Links can download malware onto your computer and even lead to identity theft. Beware of unsolicited emails in general. Even if they look official, they could be fake.

Never share your personal information with someone who has contacted you unsolicited - Personal information can include your date of birth, credit card or banking information, address or your National Insurance number.

If something sounds suspicious, confirm it by calling the company or checking the company website.

Type the URL directly into your browser or do a web search.

DO NOT click on any links in unexpected messages.

Always check email addresses, the one used in the Amazon phishing scam looks like this once you click on it to view the sender details.

Evening Times:

With Christmas only 48 days away, everyone will be spending more time online shopping for those special and hard-to-find gifts - don't get caught out by the scammers.