A THUG who kicked off in a shop was warned by a sheriff he will end up in jail if his behaviour does not stop.

Alistair Watt was in a shop on Merkland Drive, Kirkintilloch, when he started shouting "smash it all up".

He was asked to leave by staff but failed to do so, so staff called the cops.

The 32-year-old was found staggering across the car park and was arrested by officers.

When he was charged following the incident on June 23, 2017, Watt, from Kirkintilloch, made the response: "F**k off."

He defence brief said: "The locus was a bakery. He was drunk and, it is reasonable to infer, may have been hungry."

Sheriff Anthony Deutsch warned Watt: "If you keep carrying on like this you are going to prison anyway."

He hit him with a Community Payback Order with 100 hours of unpaid work to be completed in six months.