A Glasgow MP has called for the Chancellor to “shake the magic money tree” and fund a solution to the Waspi pensions issue.

David Linden Glasgow East SNP MP wants Philip Hammond to seek a resolution to the issue which leaves women born in the 1950s unable to retire due to the equalisation of pension age.

The MP wrote to Mr Hammond as Waspi women are due to meet in Glasgow with an information day for those affected by the changes.

He has accused the UK government of “sticking its head in the sand” while women suffer financially.

In his letter to the Chancellor Mr Linden said: “Having worked closely with local members of the Women Against State Pension Inequality campaign, I have serious concerns over the lack of notice given to the women worst affected by the transition arrangements and how they have been treated by Her Majesty’s government.”

He said the issue affects around 4000 women in Glasgow East alone who he said have been “cheated out of their retirement”.

Mr Linden said: “It’s fairly obvious that the Chancellor can shake the magic money tree whenever the Prime Minister needs to cling on to power, so for him to say he can’t afford to pay these women what they are owed is laughable. He must put right this burning injustice once and for all.”

The Waspi campaign argues that the changes were implemented too quickly and did not allow women time to make alternative plans.

It calls for a bridging income to be paid until the state pension is payable at 65 and does not want the state pension for women to revert to 60.

Women in the Waspi campaign tell of being told before reaching 60 they would not get their state pension until 62 and then before that date arrived being told they would not be eligible until 65.

Mr Linden said the women are having to face radically different plans with little or no notice.

He added :”I fail to understand why the Government refuses to engage with the Waspi campaign.

“It is wrong that these women must now seek justice through the legal system instead.”

In his letter he said: “I implore you, as Chancellor of the Exchequer, to actively work with the Waspi campaign in advance of your Budget to seek a resolution to this issue.”

He added: “ the Waspi women are not going away and it is time for the UK government to stop ignoring them.

WASPI Glasgow and Lanarkshire are holding a public information meeting from 10am-12noon on Saturday 11th November at Shettleston Community Centre.