A VIOLENT thug who forced a 14-year-old girl into bushes and raped her was sentenced to nine years detention.

Romanian Samuel Ciornei, 20, had only been in the UK for three weeks when he pounced on his terrified victim.

The High Court in Glasgow heard that watched his schoolgirl victim as she cycled to Asda Barrhead, Renfrewshire, to buy sweets. While she was inside he deflated her tyre which meant she couldn't cycle away.

He followed her as she pushed her bike and appeared to offer to offered to help with the flat tyre.

In less than a minute he had put a piece of broken glass to her throat and dragged her into bushes.

Cornei then subjected her to a horrific sexual attack which lasted seven minutes.

The court heard that the girl's ordeal only ended when Cornei demanded money and she managed to gesture to the  bag she had on her back.  The schoolgirl said she cycled Asda to buy sweets and chained her bike outside when she saw Ciornei sitting nearby.

When she returned to her bike she noticed it had a flat tyre and walked it to the nearby Iceland supermarket car park to inspect it.

She told prosecutor Iain McSporran QC that Cornei who was wearing a "really distinctive hat' gestured that she needed a hand pump.

  She said he didn't think he spoke English. He put her bike on the ground and took the dust cap off the tyre and put it in his pocket.

  She said: "When he put the dust cap in his pocket he pulled out a medium sized piece of glass.

  "It was brown and quite jagged. He then put the glass up to my throat, he grabbed my hair and then he gestured for me to go to the bushes."

Asked why she went in, the witness said: "Because I was scared."

CCTV footage showed Ciornei “directing or pushing” the girl into the bushes before disappearing after her.

Seven minutes later they emerged and she was seen breaking free from him and fleeing.

  He said: “I kissed her mouth, “ but denied raping her.

Ciornei, who worked as a shepherd in his home village after leaving school, only arrived in Scotland on July 19 , 2016, and stayed with family members in Barrhead.

He has been placed on the Sex Offenders' register.

Judge Maciver said that Cornei should be compulsorily returned to Romania at the end of his sentence.