A Glasgow pensioner has shown the true meaning of “young at heart” this week - after a video clip emerged of him having a bouncing good time at a trampoline centre.

Roni Sichi, 72, was visiting Ryze Glasgow where his son, Lee, works.

Taken by the youngsters enjoying themselves on the trampolines at the popular family venue, his inner child took over as he decided to give it a go.

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Speaking with the Evening Times, Roni, from Newlands, said: “I’ve always had a wee inclination to give it a go. I’m quite young at heart that way.

“Seeing the kids do it, it’s just one of those daft things, and I thought, ‘I’ve always wanted to try that’. So I did.

“I’d always been a bit wary of trying it out because I’ve had back problems before, but I felt great after it. I feel like it stimulated the muscles. I’d definitely do it again, no problem.”

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After the clip emerged and was posted onto Facebook, Roni said it received thousands of views and all positive comments from both strangers and loved ones - something that left his wife stunned.

“People were saying I was daft for trying it, but they all said well done,” he said.

In one final parting message to Evening Times readers, Roni added: “I’d really urge other people to give it a go to. It’s great. If I can do it, anyone can.”