THIS week, Scotland’s governing body admitted that internationals could be seen away from Hampden as early as next spring.

With the SFA currently considering the possibility of moving Scottish international football away from its “home”, fans on the streets of Glasgow were still very unsure about the thought of the Tartan Army leaving Hampden.

Glaswegian Brian Wynne, 70, a retired financial advisor, was one of those concerned about where the Scottish game could go.

Brian said: “Nobody enjoys going to Hampden anymore.

“The SFA made their mistakes when they poorly redeveloped the stadium years ago and now they are dealing with the consequences.

“With the poor quality at Hampden, it is a shame that we have two great stadiums in Glasgow, neither of which are being used for the national team.

“If the decision fell to me I would move the matches to Celtic Park, purely to get in the bigger crowds.”

Others shared the strong feeling that the matches should stay within Glasgow.

Adam Ramsay, a 32-year-old journalist from Edinburgh, said: “It would be unfair to take this away from the city.

“While Murrayfield might be suitable in terms of infrastructure, it is important from a cultural perspective to keep it in the west of Scotland.

“At the very least, somewhere else in the east of Scotland, like a much larger stadium in Dundee, would have to be considered or moving it game by game.”

The importance to the city of keeping matches here was echoed by Jane Lawson, a 34-year-old charity worker from Aberdeen.

She said: “Edinburgh already has the financial benefits of bringing people into the city to rugby matches, so it is just fair for games to stay in Glasgow.

“There will be a number of people and businesses who rely on the matches here.”

Copywriter Mark Johnson, 33, believes that the city is not the problem, but rather that Hampden is not up to scratch.

“Hampden is a terrible footballing stadium,” said Mark. “At the moment it is only the fourth best ground in Glasgow and is much more enjoyable when it is hosting a concert or show than a football match.”

Meanwhile, some still feel that Hampden is the best option for the national game.

Jackie Staines, a 54-year-old retired bank worker from Glasgow, said: “I couldn’t think of the football away from Hampden.

“Particularly for matches against England, there is an association between Scottish football matches and Hampden so it would be very hard to move from there.

“I suppose if they had to relocate, it would save a lot of controversy to move to play at Murrayfield.

“That is a great stadium which could handle days like that.”

Glaswegian student Greg Will, 18, also thinks that it is key that Scotland stay there.

“It has to be at Hampden and in Glasgow, it can’t be anywhere else. Glasgow is a football city, Edinburgh is for rugby – simple as that.”