The wife of Hearts player Kyle Lafferty has hit back at online trolls who have suggested she’s the star of an X-rated clip circulating the web.

East Kilbride-born Vanessa has defended herself against claims she is the woman in a short video showing a brunette in an aeroplane toilet.

The 26-year-old took to her Twitter to blast men who sent her messages praising her apparent performance and asking for more.

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One user sent her a tweet which read: “The video of @VLafferty28 on a train/plane I’ve just been sent... #FILTH.”

Vanessa blasted the user, and said: “Don’t accuse/include me in ur filthy tweet.”

Another user added: “Just seen a great video of @laffk10 Missus! @VLafferty28 ..... anymore?”

Vanessa hit back: “Ew u wish, badly perv. Accusing the wrong lady here.”

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Vanessa also added: “Anyone who has seen the video will know how vile and disgusting it is. And most importantly that it’s not me.

“It’s quite clear the person in it looks absolutely nothing like me.”

“You know what people can be like - they like to jump on the bandwagon as soon as they hear a rumour,” she continued, reports The Scottish Sun.

The site also adds how Kyle’s older sister, Sonia, said: “I can 100 per cent say this isn’t my sis n law.”

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On Saturday, Kyle urged football to reassess its relationship with bookmakers as he faces up to an addiction he admitted he may spend the rest of his life tackling.

Two months ago, the Hearts and Northern Ireland striker publicly confessed gambling was a vice he had been wrestling with his entire career.