Glasgow stores opened their doors super-early for bargain hunters to snap up Black Friday deals today - but shoppers seemed unimpressed. 

The US retail phenomenon, which sees shops slash the price of goods, has been growing year-on-year and was last year deemed to be the busiest shopping day of the year. 

The sales event has sparked frenzies in years gone by as customers pushed, shoved and fought to get their hands on the latest gadgets and household appliances. 

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But this morning, the shopping bonanza was much more subdued. 

On the usually busy Buchanan Street, there wasn't a queue in sight - and some shoppers could be seen buying goods online from outside of the stores. 

While previous years have seen physical fights between customers, PwC said almost three quarters of spending in Scotland is being carried out on a computer or mobile defice - while only 18 per cent will go to the shops to buy their items. 

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The average money spent by shoppers is also down from last year. 

Data from PwC showed that Scots will spend £181 today, down from £187.55 in 2016. 

Claire Reid, head of assurance of PwC in Scotland, said: "One issue for Black Friday is that it does fall comparatively early this year, before pay day for many customers. 

"This may present a cashflow issue for some shoppers and could result in slightly more muted growth. 

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"This may also explain why the amount Scots want to spend is down a little on last year. 

"Next year's figures will show better if this is the start if a trend and Scots are no longer bothering with the perceived early bargains." 

There has been a focus on 'Black Friday Weekend', meaning punters don't have to rush to get a limited amount of goods. 

A spokesman for Braehead Shopping Centre said there was very little rush this year as discounts had been running for the full week leading up to Black Friday and the weekend following it.