Theresa May has been accused of not understanding employment issues by a Glasgow MP following an exchange in the House of Commons.

Stewart McDonald, Glasgow South SNP MP, told Theresa May at Prime Minister’s Questions about people being offered trial shifts only to discover there was no actual job and employers instead get free labour from several candidates to boost their staff numbers.

Mr McDonald is seeking support for a Private Member’s Bill bidding to outlaw unpaid trial shifts.

He said: “In the run up to Christmas several people will be taking on extra seasonal work to try and earn themselves extra cash for this time of year.

“But many employers will be offering unpaid trail work often where an actual job doesn’t actually exist, it’s affecting tens of thousands of people up and down the UK.

“But I’ve got a bill coming to the house in March next year to end unpaid trail shifts. So will she ensure this is the last Christmas of this exploitation and give government backing for it.”

The Prime Minister ignored the issue of unpaid trial shifts and instead spoke about the minimum wage.

She said: “As he knows we already have a legal position in this country in relation to payment of the National Minimum Wage and ensuring that people are paid for the work that they do.”

Later Mr McDonald, said: “ I genuinely think she didn’t understand what the question was about.”