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NICOLA Sturgeon has said the care received by a 91 year-old blind woman reported in the Evening Times is unacceptable.

Earlier this month we highlighted the case of the woman who is also deaf and has a stoma bag fitted.

Her family she has been left on several occasions with a burst or overflowing bag and trailing faeces through her house.

The woman from North Lanarkshire has been told again this week when she pressed her all out alarm that no-one was available to attend her.

When her family contacted the Scottish Government they were told it was a matter for the local council but the First Minister has now said it will be investigated by the health secretary.

Elaine Smith, Central Scotland Labour MSP, asked Ms Sturgeon about the case after she was contacted by the woman’s family.

Ms Smith said: “The family of a 91-year-old constituent have asked me to raise her extremely distressing health and care issue, which has wider implications.

“The elderly deaf and blind woman, who has a stoma bag, was discharged from hospital with insufficient care, only one daily district nurse visit, and at times no assistance available via the home care alarm. On several occasions, she therefore suffered the indignity, distress and discomfort of a burst stoma bag, and her family believes that her life is at risk.”

MS Smith asked if the First Minister thought it was acceptable and if she could do something to help.

Ms Sturgeon said she would take the case forward.

She said: ““From what Elaine Smith has just said, I do not think that that is at all acceptable.”

She asked for the details to be sent to the Health Secretary, Shona Robison, who is already aware of the case, who Ms Sturgeon said will “immediately look into it.”

She added: “I hope that Elaine Smith finds that response helpful as a way of taking the issue forward.”

The woman’s granddaughter said she was pleased the First Minister agreed to look into the matter.

She said: “In raising this with Nicola Sturgeon, Elaine Smith has done more in a week than others in months.

“I cried when I heard it raised with the First Minister. I am certain that my granny is not the only person suffering in this way.”