Nacho Novo’s new bar has come under fire for charging fans A TENNER to watch the next Old Firm match.

The pub originally said supporters could get in free for the match on December 30, but they have since made a U-turn on the grounds of 'safety'.

Evening Times:

A post on the bar's Facebook page says: "For safety wise its been recommended that the Old Firm Rangers v Celtic is a ticketed event .

"We have to charge to prevent people taking tickets and not using them, but fear not the tickets include a drink on arrival and a pie at half time.

"Tickets are available from the pub from Friday on wards. Can’t wait to see everyone."

However, the change in entry requirements hasn't gone down well with some punters.

Jamie Lauder wrote on Facebook: "I’m convinced this wasn’t a ticketed event? What’s changed?"

Kirsty Tedford added: "Was free the other day and first come first served… how am I supposed to get tickets when I’m in Northern Ireland."

Evening Times:

Earlier this month the Rangers legend was forced to defend the price of booze in his bar after rumours circled he was charging £4 a pint.

He said: "We are delighted by your great support and contribution to our success so far.

"Unfortunately, our amazing start has led to some kill joys posting some untruths re our pricing and services.

"For those who haven’t yet experienced the reality of same, don’t be put off by these falsehoods.

"Pay us a visit, come see for yourself and enjoy! We’re aye ready and a big welcome awaits. Nacho."

The 38-year-old launched his new venture, which is less than a mile from Ibrox, after revamping the Angel Bar on Paisley Road West.