UNIONS are angry that a college principal in Glasgow will receive a pay rise of £6000 over the next two years.

Alan Sherry, the head of Glasgow Kelvin College will get a pay rise worth 1.8% dated back to April this year, the same again in April 2018 and will see his wages rise by 3.6% from April 2019.

The college’s board of management approved the deal this month which was opposed by Unison and the EIS unions.

Mr Sherry also gets an extra four days annual leave in the deal.

Unison said the agreement will take the Principal’s pay to £126,000 by April 2019.

Officials are angry that it is higher than the public sector pay deal announced by the Finance Secretary with is 3% for those earning up to £30,000, 2% for those above with a cash limit of £1600 for those above £80,000.

The College said the cost of the rise for 2017 will be £2,500 including employee costs.

The union said: “Unison calculates that this will result in a pay rise of over £6,000 for the Principal over two years while support staff in the sector were given £425 last year.

“Unison will continue to campaign for flat rate pay.”

Union source said : “The Board of Kelvin College has voted to give the Principal a £6,000 pay rise from April 2018 to March 2020.

“That’s a 5.4% rise over the two years. No £80,000 cap for wage rises here per last week’s public sector pay policy.”

A report to the Board of Management stated that a number of reports were considered including student’s views of learning experience, staff surveys and the annual audit report.

It stated: “The committee considered that all these reflected well on the Principal and his leadership of the college.

“In addition, he Committee took cognisance of the Principal’s recent performance review which also considered his performance to be excellent.

“The committee therefore concluded that the Principal was worthy of a salary increase.”

It said the committee took note of nationally agreed increases for teaching staff and were “mindful of the need to maintain salary differentials”. between senior staff and senior management.

Glasgow Kelvin College was created from a merger of North Glasgow College, John Wheatley College and Stow college.

It has campuses in Springburn, North Kelvinside, Easterhouse and the east end at Haghill Road.

No-one at Kelvin College was able to be contacted for comment.