FORMER Celtic wonderkid Tony Watt has said he set up a movie review website because he always wanted to do something outside of football.

The Coatbridge starlet shocked the footballing world earlier this year when he set up his own website to become a film critic online.

Watt to Watch is packed with the footballer’s opinion on movies old and new - and the website has proved to be a hit with fans.

Speaking from his home in Belgium, where he plays for OH Leuven, Watt said: “I have always wanted to do something outside football.

“I just wanted to start something, see where I could take it and I am happy with where it is going.”

Watt first shared the idea for the website with football hack Mark Guidi at an event the pair were both attending, and after getting his opinion Watt to Watch was launched in May.

The 23-year-old said: “I don’t know about the technical side of the website.

“The boy who I asked to set up the website was asked to do it simple.

“I first of all wanted just movies and Netflix but I think more people like TV shows now too.

“So there is three pages, movies, Netflix and TV, and that’s as simple as it gets.”

He added: “I am not going to do anything fancy, it is just going to be my opinion.

“It is not going to be big words. If I thought it was good, I will tell you it was good. If I thought it was bad, I will tell you its bad. That is the aim for the website, keep it simple.”

He continued: “I included Netflix because most people have it now. The worst thing in the world is looking at Netflix and trying to pick something. It takes ages, so it is good to click on my website to see what is recommended.”

Watt first rose to fame after scoring for Celtic during his Champions League debut against Barcelona in 2012.

He was just a teenager when he scored in the 88th minute in the 2-1 home game against Barcelona.

After leaving Celtic, the former St Andrew’s High School pupil had spells at clubs including Charlton Athletic and Hearts before settling in Belgium.

But for the festive period, he will return to Coatbridge to celebrate Christmas with his family.

He said: “I am still in Belgium with OH Leuven. I just came here in the summer.

“I knew a few people here and they asked me to come over for a year and see what happens.”

He continued: “We get a Christmas break so I will be back in the UK over the festive period.

“I don’t miss being away from home and I am kind of at that stage where I can live anywhere.

“It is good I get to be with my family over Christmas. You sacrifice your full year but you get to be with them for Christmas.”

Watt’s love of movies started at a young age when he was first playing for Airdrie.

He said: “I used to watch films when I was younger especially when I was in Airdrie youth team at 15.

“I played on a Sunday morning at 12pm and even though I had school the next day I would be up to 1am just watching stuff.”

He added: “I treated myself to a bottle of Irn Bru and a bar of chocolate after the game, and then I would just sit and watch films the full day. It is something I have always liked.”

His top recommendations include Die Hard, Hacksaw Ridge and Stand by Me.

He said: “Everyone always says Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie but I always watch it during the festive period. It tops the list.”

He added: “Hacksaw Ridge was mind blowing, it was just brilliant.”

Watt admits he loves interacting with people on the social media website Twitter, and he believes this is key to making his reviews a success.

He said: “Everyone has been brand new, obviously I get a bit of banter from some people.

“I get comments from all walks of life, all teams and all supporters.

He added: “Some people try and wind you up but really at the end of the day they are being nice. Afterwards, they will say I am only trying to get under your skin for a bit of banter.”

Watt plans to grow the website in 2018 and he looks forward to giving his opinion on even more films.

He said: “I want to continue to build the website next year.

“I always said it is a slow burner but hopefully it will take off soon.”

Visit Watt to Watch at