Well 2017 threw up some surprises that had they been predicted a year earlier, few would have believed it.

So what might 2018 bring for our politicians? or not.

There will be a General Election after the DUP pull the plug on the Tories and more backbench rebellions force Theresa May to resign.

Mrs May will then land a lucrative advertising deal with Weetabix which will see her ‘naughtily’ running through the fields before settling down with a bowl of the cereal in the style of the classic 1970s cadbury’s flake advert.

Jeremy Corbyn will again fall short of Downing Street as the Tories remain the largest party with Boris Johnson as Prime Minister but with more seats than before. Mr Corbyn will resign before he faces a leadership challenge and John McDonnell will take over as Labour leader.

He will host his own chat show on the BBC taking over from Graham Norton after bosses opt for continuity of grumpy man with beard.

Nicols Sturgeon will finally call a second referendum on Scottish independence after the Brexit shambles plunges deeper into chaos and the date of Britain leaving the EU edges closer.

Ms Sturgeon will face criticism from within her party but quell a rebellion and prevent a leadership challenge.

Alex Salmond will quit his Russia Today TV even though ratings were into the millions making him the second highest paid TV presenter after Gary Linker.

A high profile Labour politician will join the SNP and campaign for independence.

Ms Sturgeon will then quit and join the 2018 cast of Strictly Come Dancing stating she wants to promote the values of independence through the medium of Argentine Tango.

Richard Leonard will make a series of speeches each containing the phrase real radical change in the first sentence that will only be understood by the few not the many.

He will address the Labour Scottish Conference for the first time as leader and will begin with “There is a spectre haunting Europe”, before reading the entire communist manifesto.

Patrick Harvie will announce he is taking a three week break from the Scottish Parliament and will take part in the Tour de France.

He will be the first man to win the event while riding a vintage Pashley and wearing a waistcoat.

Ruth Davidson will stand for a seat in the General Election in England. After dumping Glasgow for Edinburgh at Holyrood she will leave the Scottish capital for a safe seat in Surrey and come up with some excuse for being better able to represent her constituents if she is closer to pubs called the John Bull Inn.

A bitter battle for the Scottish Tory leadership will ensue with Murdo Fraser again getting thumped and Adam Tomkins will be the new leader of the opposition.

People will begin to realise that the LibDems are still a thing but they will end the year the way they began, in obscurity.

Finally, on the basis that he has a Scottish mother, Donald Trump will call up the new Scotland football boss Alex Salmond and demand he gets a game because he is the bestest kickball player in the world. Ever.