SOUL singer Alexander O'Neal defined a decade with his hit song Criticize.

The soulful pop classic peaked at number four in the charts in 1987 and allowed the singer to become a household name in the UK.

He will celebrate the success of that song and others which came from his second studio album Hearsay with a new UK tour.

He re-worked the successful solo album, and released Hearsay 30 last month before he plays Glasgow's Clyde Auditorium on Friday, April 6.

"I try not to get too emotional about things, but I am not ashamed to admit that when I heard the new recordings of all those great songs, it felt incredible man," explained O'Neal.

He continued: "I never expected we could create something so special, it’s certainly one of the things I am most proud of in my career to date”

With a back catalogue that includes The Lovers, Never Knew Love Like This and What Can I Say To Make You Love Me, the singer is bound to take fans a trip down memory lane when he steps on the stage in Glasgow.

He said: "I love Scotland, I really love Scotland

"I love coming to the UK because everybody knows I have a big passion for the UK

"Anytime I come to Scotland I always enjoy it, so I look forward to the show."

He added: "The fans are just going to have a great night of soul music. I don’t compromise on music for the business.

"They will get a lot of soul singing and a nine piece band."

He continued: "I do shows for the fans because they are the most important thing for me. My fans have been with me over the years and they grew up with me then they grow older with you. It's the key to my success."

Now 64, O'Neal grew up in Natchez, Mississippi before relocating to Minneapolis at the age of 20.

He performed with many bands before Prince signed him to Warner Bros label in 1981.

Prince, however, fired him which he previously described as the making of his career.

He released 14 singles which entered the Top 40 charts in the UK during the 1980s and 1990s including Tonight, Fake, Love Makes No Sense and In the Middle.

He said: "The 1980s was a great time for me and my career. I certainly had a lot of fun and it gave me so many highlights."

As someone who loves being out on the road, Alexander can't wait to perform the new show to his Glasgow fans.

He said: "I do enjoy touring, I get a buzz out of it. I really enjoy it, it is a lot of fun."

Aside from music, O'Neal has appeared in a number of TV shows including Weakest Link and Wife Swap UK.

He also appeared in reality series Celebrity Big Brother in 2015 and he admits TV is something he has enjoyed doing.

He said: "I enjoy everything I do. I do the reality shows and I am just fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time to do it.

"It is not anything that I am trying to do. If someone thinks I should appear on a show and I have the time to do it maybe I will do it."

The industry has changed since O'Neal started out in the 1980s but he has embraced things like social media and sees Twitter as a way to interact with fans.

He said: "The music industry has changed and so it should change, it is always going to change for the new generation.

"You have your thing and they have their thing. You just have to find out your place and where you fit in.

"I am glad that I do R’n’B music and I just keep it real, you know."

He added: "Social media right now is a very good thing if it is used in the right way. It is a great way to get feedback from your fans."

O'Neal plans to release a brand new album and hopes that his fans will continue to think of him as a great singer.

He said: "I would like to be noted as a great singer not just an R’n’B singer."

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