SCOTS actor John Gordon Sinclair has thanked a paramedic who came to his dad's aid on Hogmanay.

The Gregory's Girl star, who was born in Glasgow, tweeted his appreciation on New Year's Day: "To the Paramedic who showed up at my parents house last night, left his car there & travelled in the back of the ambulance in order to see my dad safely into hospital: huge thanks & respect to you, the ambulance team & all hospital staff. Happy New Year #Heroes #SaveTheNHS".

John then asked his followers if anyone knew John Riley, the paramedic working in the city for the NHS, as he wished to thank him in person.

In response, the Scottish Ambulance Service replied: "Many thanks for your kind message. I hope your Dad is making a good recovery. We will contact John and pass on your message."

The actor retweeted the reply and highlighted his appreciation for the service and the hard work they do – especially at this time of year.