Reality TV star James English went homeless for a week on the streets of Glasgow over the Christmas week, it has been revealed.

The ex-GLOW regular turned comedian took centre stage in a harrowing documentary called ‘Homeless at Christmas’ to raise awareness of the growing issue of homelessness.

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Posting an emotional clip of the trailer on his Instagram page on Monday, the 33-year-old told his 22,200 followers: “It will shock people.”

Against the backdrop of the emotional song ‘At Christmas’ by singing duo SIIGHTS, the trailer shows an exhausted James begging for change on the streets of Glasgow, talking to the camera while in a sleeping bag, and cuts to distressing images of other homeless people.


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It ends with a weary-looking James becoming emotional and wiping away a tear.

The Possil man told his followers: “On the week of Christmas, I went homeless.

“Me and @goggiepunk03 [freelance filmmaker Gordon Campbell] documented the full week and it will shock people on what they are going to see because no human should be living in these conditions.”

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James’ followers flooded his post to applaud him for his efforts.

“So sad in this day and age that this is still happening. Well done in your work highlighting it more,” wrote one.

Another added: “Absolutely heartbreaking. Well done for bringing more awareness to the horrible state of our society.”

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A one-night-only viewing of the film is set to take place at the Glasgow Film Theatre in Rose Street on January 28, with tickets on sale at

All proceeds will be donated to homelessness charities who help those most in need all year round.


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James first made the documentary revelation on his Instagram page in the days after Christmas before shedding more light on his experience this week.

First breaking the news on December 28, James shared an image of himself sitting in a city street looking tired while holding a cup out for change.

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He said: “I went homeless with nothing on me except the clothes on my back and my sleeping bag. I had to beg for money and sleep on the streets for seven days, from December 19 to 26, with no communication with anyone except @goggiepunk03 who came once a day to change the batteries on my camera.


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“We want to show the people about the growing problem that we have on homelessness and what a homeless person actually goes through on a daily basis, especially at Christmas where it should be a time of love and joy.

“Homelessness is at an all-time high and it can happen to anyone. A lot of people will be in shock when they see this documentary.”

The Evening Times has previously reported how homelessness charity launched a public appeal for help to alleviate the “crisis” in Scotland this winter.

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Just before Christmas, the charity said new analysis indicated the number of people recorded as homeless across Britain reached 307,000.

In Scotland, official figures showed 28,297 households were assessed as homeless in 2016 and, at any one time, there were 10,873 households in temporary accommodation.

The charity said an estimated 5,000 people sleep rough on Scotland’s streets throughout the year while launching an urgent appeal.

Alison Watson, deputy director of Shelter Scotland, said the number of homeless people is “shocking.”