A GLASGOW MP is bidding to give workers improved rights and put an end to late cancellation or changes to shifts.

The Workers’ Rights Bill published by Chris Stephens, Glasgow South West SNP MP, would see bosses forced to give reasonable notice of what shifts are required, with fewer than seven days notice of a change or cancellation deemed “unreasonable”.

If the worker accepts the late change, the employer would be liable to pay double time, in a bid to deter bad practice.

A cancelled shift would also result in double time being paid even though no work has been carried out.

The bill would see every worker entitled to fixed and regular weekly hours and effectively end the exploitative use of zero hours contracts.

Employers could still ask for extra hours to be worked on top but only in agreed circumstances and only if the employee has agreed that requests can be made.

Workers employed by contractors would be able to recoup waged from the third party.

Mr Stephens said: “The purpose of the bill is to eliminate precarious work which affects people across sectors, including care, hospitality and retail and distribution.” The MP added: “Good employers are able to manage their staff shift patterns easily.”

He added that the bill is designed to root out bad practice which costs workers in lost wages or by incurring unnecessary additional costs like childcare or travel.

The bill has support from Labour, Plaid Cymru and Green MPs.