A BANK employee who embezzled £10,000 told police he stole the money because he was being blackmailed.

Scott Barclay pinched the cash whilst working at the TSB in St Vincent Street, Glasgow.

His lawyer described the crime as an “unusual case”.

It was explained that the “spontaneous act” was caught on CCTV and Barclay did not pocket the money in a subtle way.

Following the theft the accused was off work for a number of days due to his severe epilepsy. When he returned, he was interviewed in respect to the crime. The 47-year-old later confessed and quickly reimbursed the money.

Fiscal depute Harry Findlay told Glasgow Sheriff Court that Barclay admitted taking the cash on July 8 last year in response to being blackmailed.

Defending, Barclay’s lawyer claimed that his client had shown remorse as he was the one who reported the incident to police whilst the bank was still dealing with the case internally.

The accused, who lost his £30,000-a-year job, was said to have “paid a heavy price” and has had to deal with the personal aspects of his crime.

His lawyer added: “He’s done a great deal to make amends for this.”

Sheriff Gerard Bonnar stated: “This is a very significant breach of trust.”

However, he took into account the speedy repayment of the money stolen, the accused’s substantial amount of charity work, and the fact it was his first conviction.

Choosing to impose a community-based disposal, Sheriff Bonnar added: “You’re someone who has a positive contribution to make.”

Barclay, of Cardon Square, was sentenced to a Community Payback Order with 250 hours of unpaid work to be completed within 12 months.

Following the case, a TSB spokesperson said: “Each and every TSB Partner has a responsibility to look after our customers’ money and ensure they deliver the best possible customer service. When an employee falls short of that, we take appropriate action.”