QUESTIONS are being asked on social media about the choice of location for Greggs in Glasgow.

A Twitter user called Bozza - who clearly has an eye for these things or just too much time on his hands - has spotted something mysterious about the city's bakeries.

When you draw a line between five City Centre branches you find they make the shape of a pentagon.

Is it a nod to the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense or is someone at Greggs a Wiccan?

Social media users have asked Greggs for answers... but the chain claims innocence.

It replied:

In the meantime, Charles O'Hara points out that if you add in St Enoch's Square you have a Star of David.

Jonny Mann says the same shape is found from Greggs in Aberdeen.

And Chris Burns points out the baker has gone with an inverted cross in Belfast.

Over to you, Greggs...