IT might have seemed a sure-fire way to get yourself dumped - but Greggs's dine-in Valentine's meal has sold out.

The novelty of sitting down to a steak bake and glass of fizz was too much for some and tables at the Argyle Street branch were fully booked in 20 minutes.

Frustrated Greggs fans took to social media to complain about the event.

One customer complained: “Arggghhhhh!! Kept asking when it was going online, missed it because it’s in the middle of the working day when I can’t watch your Twitter permanently, went on two minutes after you announced and now fully booked. What a let down Greggs!”

Another said on Twitter: “Are all the tables book already?? Been trying since it went live.”

“Refreshed constantly and ditto, very poorly communicated by Greggs and Opentable clearly not the right platform for this sort of offer,” another frustrated customer added.

A fourth wrote: “Greggs you are the worst :'( been waiting over 2 hours just to read you tweeting to wait for bookings and not giving a time, and then when it does there’s no chance to even book :(.”

Greggs made headlines with its offer to play Cupid and give couples the chance to eat a four course meal in one of their stores.

The special meal features some of the restaurant’s favourites including classic canapes of seasoned pork puff pastry sliders, love heart garnished bakes and brochette of doughnuts.

It’s the first time the bakery will be offering the service but sadly it’s only available in five out of more than 1800 stores in the UK.

Those setting the scene for romance are: Clapham Road, Stockwell, London; City Tower in Manchester; Argyle Street in Glasgow; Grainger Street in Newcastle; and Cardiff’s Queen Street.

The four course set menu including fizz costs £15 for two.