A GLASGOW club is investigating a video allegedly showing a club bouncer dealing violently with a female reveller.

The shocking video showing a man apparently shoving the clubber to the ground has gone viral.

But the venue says the video is misleading.

The incident was filmed outside the popular Classic Grand club and concert venue in the early hours of Sunday morning and later posted on Facebook.

The eight-second clip shows a young, female reveller in an altercation with a club bouncer outside the building in Jamaica Street.

As her friend tries to hold her back, the woman walks up to the doorman and pushes him. In retaliation, he shoves her and she flies through the air, landing with a thud a few feet away.

As she struggles to get up, her friend can be heard shouting to the man: “What the f*** do you think you’re doing?”

A woman’s voice behind the camera can be heard gasping and saying: “That’s too far.”

The venue manager, Gary, hit back at the eyewitness’ claims and said: “What’s been said is not accurate. Not according to my CCTV, internal reports, and the security company’s.”

The eyewitness who filmed the incident, who refused to be named, said the clubber had behaved as if she had been drinking and claims the incident followed an earlier confrontation at the front door, just outside the ticket office, involving a female bouncer.

Two police officers were close by and the eyewitness rushed to them to describe what had happened and show them the clip.

“The officers said they would go down and speak to the staff,” said the eyewitness.

When she later went to confront the doorman over his actions, the eyewitness said: “He demanded I delete the video. I handed my phone over and he did. But when I walked away, I recovered it again. I had to air it. It’s just so wrong.

“They should have defused the situation. They didn’t.”

In just four days, the video has received over 45,000 views and hundreds of comments from members of the public, many of which have been split.

The venue manager said two police officers showed up at the scene and took full statements from the personal licence holder on duty that night as well as the male bouncer in question.

When contacted by the Evening Times, a Police Scotland spokeswoman could not confirm police activity in the area that night.

A spokesman for the Classic Grand added: “We use an external security company, Cobra Security Scotland, for our events. 

“We are aware of the incident and an internal investigation is ongoing in relation to this.”

Cobra Security Scotland Ltd could not be reached for comment.

Glasgow nightclub owner and promoter Donald MacLeod said: “If the female in question feels she has been the victim of an assault, she should have gone to the police, or the bouncers should have alerted them.

“Stewards are a lot more responsible these days and they’re trained.

“You only see the one side of it.”