THE winner of Celebrity Big brother issued an apology after using the 'c' word three times at a Glasgow gig which was open to 14-year-olds.

Australian drag artist Courtney Act had used the word when describing how fellow contestant and Apprentice star Andrew Brady had described the former politician Ann Widdecombe in one on-screen row.

Mr Brady had called the 70-year-old an 'old c***' on the Channel 5 reality show after the former MP claimed his mother and grandmother would disapprove of his antics with Courtney Act in the house.

Evening Times:

The drag star, 36, real name Shane Jenek, in his first show since being crowned the winner of the fly-on-the-wall series asked the crowd at the Classic Grand who had voted for Ms Widdecombe and was met with a chorus of "boos".

She then went on: "You know it's funny, Andrew called Ann Widdecombe a c***. And I flashed Ann Widdecombe my c*** on the the first time I walked [in the house]."

Evening Times:

She added: "And I have just remembered it is a 14+ audience tonight. Sorry about that, mum and dad. I mean you heard it on television." It did not stop there. After the drag queen went on to sing the Kylie Minogue song The Lovers, she asked if there were any Australians in the audience.

After it went quiet, she said: "Not one Australian, just a Fosters beer tap over there saying cheers c***, I'm Australian. Right, sorry, sorry, sorry."

As she finished her Glasgow show, she said: "A very special thank you to all the mums and dads who brought their younger family members along. That's really cool."

She was then asked to give a shout-out to youngsters who were celebrating their 14th birthday and led a chorus of Happy Birthday.

Courtney Act entered Celebrity Big Brother as a little-known face in the Britain and rank outsider to win with the bookies She had been best best-known for having brushes of fame as a RuPaul’s Drag Race runner-up and former Australian Idol contestant.

Evening Times:

Evening Times:

Her relationship with Mr Brady and her clashes with Ms Widdecombe were a feature of the series. The former MP had repeated her exceedingly conservative views and stood by her history of consistently voting against LGBTQ+ legislation in parliament during her 23 years as an MP, which was the antithesis of everything the drag artist represents.

But she won with a whopping 49 per cent of the total votes cast in the CBB final, with Ms Widdecombe coming second.

Last month there was speculation that both Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother were facing the axe after the current series was finished.

The latest CBB series has seen figures plummet, with one Wednesday night show pulling just below 1.3 million viewers – down over 500k on last year, and over a million on 2016's winter show.

It concluded with the worst viewing figures in the show’s 18 year history for a final.