IT is 100 years since certain women were given the vote - but women in Glasgow are still fighting for equality.

Tomorrow, female workers owed money from Glasgow City Council will march on George Square dressed as suffragettes, continuing their demand for equal pay.

Having won their legal case they are now demanding a fair and transparent pay and grading scheme and full compensation for the pay they have been denied.

Action 4 Equality Scotland and Unison recently won a legal case and the council agreed not to appeal against a court decision last year over their grading system.

Glasgow City Council has agreed to "negotiation not litigation” and to discuss a settlement with UNISON and other trade unions.

Unison Glasgow city branch chairwoman Carol Ball said: “This is not about robbing Peter to pay Pauline. It’s about equality and justice.

"We must focus on delivering equal pay now and in the future.

"The council did not want to pay the cost of equality in 2006 and ordinary working people of Glasgow should not have to pay the price of inequality with loss of jobs and services.”

“This will be one of the largest re-distribution of wealth in the history of Glasgow."

Marchers will assemble at 11.30am at Glasgow Green to set off at noon. The march will be led by 30 women dressed as suffragettes and behind them will be SheBoom women drummers.

The women will march from Glasgow Green to George Square.