PLANS for a new hostel in Ibrox aimed at female refugees and asylum seekers will go before the council next month.

The building would provide emergency refuge for up to 100 people every night but would prioritise women.

Glasgow Night Shelter, which has put forward the proposal, say they cannot provide "a safe space" for female asylum seekers.

The plans have been backed by Green councillor, Allan Young, who represents the Govan ward, who said that while there had been some opposition to the plan, many people were in favour of it.

He said: "Whilst respecting the views of those opposing the shelter, and continuing to represent them as best I can, I believe I must speak out in favour of the proposal.

"Given that this proposal finally provides a night shelter for destitute female asylum seekers in Glasgow, something which incredibly doesn’t currently exist, I must support this.

"Govan has long been ignored by the council and the Scottish Government.

"There is a lot of positive work going on in Govan, but greater effort is needed in and around Fairley Street, where the night shelter is being proposed, to revitalise the area.

“We must provide shelter and safety for all our citizens at all times.”

Scottish Greens regional MSP Patrick Harvie said: "Glasgow has a long tradition of welcoming refugees and asylum seekers, but successive UK Government have reduced the support given to our vulnerable guests to a level we should be ashamed of.

"Destitution is used as a deliberate policy tool, and even while people are still receiving basic support it is run by profit-hungry outsourcing companies.

"Most of us cannot imagine the terrible impact of having to flee our home and seek sanctuary in a strange country.

“We should do whatever we can do to fill the gaps in provision, and ensure that people here are treated as we would want to be treated if we did face such desperate circumstances.”