Radio presenter George Bowie has helped to name his very own gritter - after GBX Anthems hit Bits n Pieces.

It comes after a wind-up on his breakfast show segment “Make Your Dad Mad” which saw the DJ pretend to be a gritter driver whose gritter was named “Grits n Pieces.”

Unbeknownst to Bowie, listening in was road maintenance service ScotlandTranServ who decided to use the name for one of their gritters.

Dynamic breakfast duo Bowie, along with colleague Cassi, headed down to ScotlandTranServ headquarters in Polmadie where they were met by Andy Fraser, operating representative from the company to check out their gritter.

Bowie said: “This is brilliant. I can’t believe Grits n Pieces will be out on the roads of Scotland keeping everyone safe this winter. Look out for it on a road near you.”

Transport Scotland's Trunk Road Gritter Tracker has Twitter kept Twitter users chucking over the winter with its fleet of hilariously-named gritters.

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