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WORKERS at a closure threatened poultry plant have accused the owners of neglecting to invest in the factory for decades.

Workers at the 2 Sisters Food Group plant in Cambuslang said they are still shocked by the news their jobs could go as a chicken factory has been earmarked for closure.

Staff said they were still reeling from the announcement that 450 jobs are at risk.

Union leaders vowed to fight the plans and criticised the company’s handling of the business.

Scot Walker, Unite convenor at the plant, said: “The company are saying that staff can be redeployed to other sites run by the company – like Coupar Angus. That is not a viable alternative which dictates the necessity of fighting to save the plant in Cambuslang.”

“The company say there are problems with the ageing plant.

“That’s hardly a surprise. I’ve worked there for 30 years and there hasn’t been a brass farthing spent on the place in any real sense for decades.

“You might say it looks like those particular chickens are coming home to roost.”

Outside the factory, workers told of the mood of discontent inside the factory gates.

One man, an agency worker, said: “It’s fair to say the workers are not happy. It was a shock yesterday and it is all people are talking about.”

Another, Peter, who has worked for five years in the factory, said: “I was surprised. It is not a nice situation. I hope to still have a job.”

The factory provides work for a large number of eastern European workers and many safety signs around the plant are in Polish as well as English.

The company said that staff could be redeployed to other locations but in Scotland that means Coupar Angus, in Perthshire which unions said is not feasible.

The company announced the closure plan but unions said it has failed to invest in decades.

The owners however said it had made significant investment and created jobs since taking it over.

A spokesman said: “The factory is 55 years old but only operated by us for four years.

“when we took over we spent £5m on new equipment and an expansion which increased capacity by 50 and created 180 new jobs.”

Ged Killen Labour MP for Rutherglen and Hamilton West said: “I am seeking a meeting with the management of the company to see if anything can be done to protect the livelihoods of the employees.”

Claire Haughey SNP MSP said:“The poultry sector has faced its fair share of challenges in recent years, but I’m determined to do all I can to help those constituents and their families who may be affected.”