A RENFREW man demanded "get my lawyer doon here" after he was arrested for threatening to stab college students.

The trouble began when Stephen Stalley entered City of Glasgow College's Riverside Campus and attempted to interact with the students.

Due to his intoxicated state and erratic behaviour, he was ordered to leave by the security staff.

At that point he approached one of the complainers and asked for a cigarette. When he was handed one, he attempted to hug the student but was told: "I don't hug strangers."

At this, the accused became extremely irate.

During his outburst, Stalley threatened: "I'll kill yous. I'll come back and stab yous."

When the police arrived, he was quickly apprehended and transported to Cathcart station. On the way there his abusive tirade continued.

He threatened to kill a constable's family, adding: "I'm going to slash f*** out of you."

When cautioned and charged, he stated: "Get my lawyer doon here."

At Glasgow Sheriff Court, the accused pleaded guilty to shouting, swearing and threatening to stab and shoot three students at the college campus in Thistle Street on January 12 this year.

The 28-year-old also admitted threatening a constable and his family whilst en route to Cathcart police station.

In defence it was claimed that Stalley was going through a troubled period at the time of the offence as he'd had to move house and lost his job.

The accused – who reportedly suffers from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) – has allegedly been assaulted a number of times and chased by a group of males. Due to his anxious state, he began to abuse alcohol.

The defence agent stated that the accused "genuinely struggles with the pressures of real life", but has since been earmarked for the Moving Forward Making Changes programme – a behavioural programme designed to provide treatment for men who have committed sexual offences or offences with a sexual element.

Sheriff Allan Findlay sentenced the accused to a Restriction of Liberty Order in which he will have to remain at home in Beechwood Drive between the hours of 8pm and 7am for four months.

Stalley was also handed a Community Payback Order with 70 hours of unpaid work to be completed within four months.