AN act of kindness in a Glasgow art gallery has proved people make Glasgow.

Callum Lynch, an inspirational young man who grew up in care, was helping a student with their dissertation in the Gallery of Modern Art when he was handed a note from a stranger.

The letter praised Callum for being "amazing" and gave him cash to buy himself "a little something."

Callum took to Twitter to tell people about the touching moment.

He wrote: "The most amazing thing just happened to me. I was sitting in the GOMA helping someone with their dissertation, by talking about my life in care and everything I’ve achieved since. Then, someone handed me this..."

He then posted a copy of the note, on pink paper.

It reads: "Apologies, but I couldn't help but overhear.

"As someone who grew up in care, I just wanted to say you are AMAZING.

"Please keep telling your story.

"I think you'd be brilliant as an advocate and activist in this field.

"Whatever you decide to do, know that you are worthy of good things and make sure you self care and self love.

"You are not a reflection of your parents. You are you.

"Sorry but I don't have more cash on me but I'd really like you to treat yourself to a little something please.

"I salute you!"

The note then refers Callum to the charity Who Cares? Scotland and encloses £15."

Callum Lynch, who grew up in Parkhead, has previously told his story about being taken into care in 2006.

Despite the odds against him, he thrived and went on to take part in a summer school at Harvard University in Massachusetts.

He then graduated with an honours degree in Management and Marketing from Strathclyde University.