THOUSANDS of people in Glasgow have been affected as a result of the Jobcentre closures forced though by the DWP.

Data from the Scottish Parliament Information Centre shows the numbers who are having to travel miles further because their local Jobcentre has been shut down.

The figures show 5,000 people hit by the decision to close six offices across the city.

Only Castlemilk was reprieved from the original plan to axe half of Glasgow’s Jobcentres.

The last of the offices to close, Easterhouse, shut its doors last month, with more than 600 Jobseekers forced to travel to Shettleston.

The Shettleston Centre will take in Jobseekers from Parkhead and Bridgeton as well forcing another 1,500 to travel to the area.

The most affected area was Maryhill, where 1,265 will now have to travel to Springburn which is a round trip of well over an hour and requires two buses.

Anniesland, closed moving 1,020 people to Partick, more than one mile away with no direct bus route between the two centres.

Bob Doris SNP MSP for Maryhill and Springburn where the most people are affected in the city said it was a “betrayal” of the most vulnerable people in communities.

He said: “These figures show just how damaging these closures are for people in my constituency and across the country – with over 6,500 people losing local access to this vital lifeline service.

“Yet again, the Tories know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

The Evening Times Hands Off Our Jobcentres campaign highlighted the problems the closures would cause, including increased distance and difficulties for people with childcare or other caring responsibilities to get to appointments on time.

Mr Doris, added “This betrayal is forcing people who are already suffering from the impact of Tory welfare cuts to travel extra distances, at added cost, in order to claim the support they are entitled to – simply increasing the risk of them facing the hated and cruel sanctions from the DWP if they are a moment late.”