THIS is the moment a Sport Relief 'early morning rave' event was disrupted - by an angry hotel guest ranting and swearing in his pyjamas.

The 7am event was supposed to raise a smile from commuters and passers-by and get them dancing in the name of charity.

But as the bass started pumping, not everyone was impressed - as a furious hotel guest nearby stormed into the square and demanded the DJ "turn this s*** off".

The man marched right up to the DJ in Millennium Square in Bristol city centre wearing pyjamas and nothing on his feet, yelling, "Turn this f****** s*** off."

Over the blaring music, he can just be heard shouting: "It is seven o'clock in the morning, I was asleep in the f***ing hotel. Turn the f****** noise down."

The man, who was staying in the nearby Ibis hotel, then turned to the few passers-by who had stopped to rave to the music.

Addressing the crowd, he yelled: "Really? Do you consider this to be nice, at seven o'clock in the morning?"

And when a security guard stepped in a bid to calm him, the man accused him of "assaulting" him by touching him on the arm and said, "Do not touch me".

As one of the event organisers approached the angry man to explain the event was for charity, he replied: "It doesn't matter what the excuse is, it is impolite.

"I'm trying to sleep in a room there, which I paid a lot of money for. I have been working hard."

A spokesman from the Ibis said they were not informed about the event before it took place, but did not want to comment further.

The event was organised by Sport Relief as part of its nationwide 'Whatever Moves You' campaign.

The challenge is to get the whole nation moving, and to beat a billion steps a day, every day, from March 17-23.

This morning's team of ravers in Bristol attempted to shuffle their way to 101,000 steps.

The event organisers said: "We’re really sorry this gentleman was disturbed during our breakfast party for Sport Relief.

"We had informed the hotel it was happening and it was an event that was fully licensed working with Millennium Square.

"Breakfast parties aren’t for everybody, but we certainly got a lot of people doing their steps for Sport Relief and raising awareness around the campaign."