THE PORT Glasgow shopkeeper under fire after being accused of clearing a Tesco’s shelves of milk and bread during the ‘Beast from the East’ storm has taken time off work.

As reported on the Evening Times earlier, Nauman Chaudhry was slammed for allegedly selling the much-sought-after essentials at hugely-inflated prices amid a national shortage.

The sight of Mr Chaudhry, 32, with a loaded trolley at the Greenock Tesco first came to light on Facebook on Sunday.

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The post on the page Glasgow’s Miles Better appeared to show Mr Chaudhry - who owns Pick & Save in Dubbs Road - and read: “Pick n Save Port Glasgow bought all the milk at Greenock Tesco (who shouldn’t have sold them it ) then sold it on at inflated prices...wrong yin.”

In just four days, it was shared over 1,200 times with opinion over his action divided.

Evening Times:
The original Facebook post was shared over 1,200 times

Despite denying accusations he exploited customers during the recent bad weather - by apparently hiking prices to three times the original amount - Mr Chaudhry’s health seems to have taken a hit.

National media reported he has been forced to take time off “with stress following social media backlash.”

However, speaking to the Evening Times, Mr Chaudhry said his doctor has advised him to take time off after a tough week of working long hours during the cold weather.

A drained Mr Chaudhry said: “I’ve had loads of support from the locals who are grateful I was on hand and open to help out during the bad weather. I have taken some time off to rest after my doctor recommended it because of the long hours I worked in the cold.

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“I’m aware of the viral Facebook post, but a lot of other fake, Photoshopped ones have also been circulating, showing me dragging a trolley up a hill or me sitting on one.”

When questioned on the authenticity of the original image showing him at the Tesco checkout, Mr Chaudhry said: “To be honest, there are so many pictures going around it’s been hard to keep track.

“A lot of the people who have commented online aren’t even from Inverclyde. They’ve commented from Glasgow and Dunoon - many of them have never even been to my shop.

“It’s been said I sold milk for £6 and £8. It’s not true. Who on Earth would buy milk at that price?”

He previously said: “I bought the milk for 79 pence a pint and I sold it for 99p. I put an extra 20 pence on because of the trouble I had to get to Greenock that day.”

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