A GROUP of protesters missed the mark outside Glasgow Sheriff Court today.

The disorganised crowd gathered by the courthouse with a banner to show support to Panagiotis Theodoropoulos, who was one of five people arrested at last year's Pride event in the city.

The accused denies acting in a threatening manner and resisting arrest. His trial – before Sheriff Neil Mackinnon – will continue on April 13.

It is believed that the protesters, along with Theodoropoulos, are members of the Clydeside branch of the Industrial Workers of the World.

On Twitter, Clydeside IWW posted a message of solidarity to the accused, adding: "An Injury to One is an Injury to All!"

When approached for comment, the majority of protesters would not discuss why they were there and turned their backs on the police.

One man eventually took charge and told the Evening Times the protesters believe Theodoropoulos was wrongfully arrested following an altercation between the police and a teenager holding a placard at the Pride parade.

Ahead of the court case, Clydeside IWW posted on Facebook: "At the same time, the fact that Panos’ court date is set for International Women’s Day gives us the opportunity to highlight how seemingly different struggles are intimately connected. Patriarchy, racism and heteronormativity are crucial elements of the system of repression we are living in."

However when given the opportunity to bring attention to their cause, the group failed to speak.