SCOTRAIL customers are set to receive a share of £1million in cash from the train operator.

Rail bosses will be giving away a share of £1m to everyone with a valid season ticket on their Smartcard on Wednesday, March 21.

Customers are recommended to order their Smartcard by Monday, March 12 to ensure arrival and completion of steps in time for the March 21 deadline.

Those with paper season tickets can switch to plastic by ordering a card by March 12 and calling ScotRail customer services ahead of the March 21 deadline to make the switch.

Everyone with a valid season ticket loaded onto their Smartcard on March 21 will be eligible for a share of £1m.

To claim their share, customers will need to make an additional ticket purchase of their choice onto their Smartcard so card details can be verified.

Once card details are confirmed, the cash share will be promptly transferred directly into the customer’s bank account.

ScotRail Chief Operating Officer, Angus Thom, said: “We’re really looking forward to giving our customers a share of £1m in real cash as a way of saying thanks.

“It’s a great opportunity for customers to use their share of £1million to explore our network, and all that Scotland has to offer.

“If you’d like a share of the money, but are yet to sign up to Smart, the free process takes just a few minutes to complete on our website.”

The £1m Smartcard initiative is the final element of the Scottish Government’s £3m fares fund.