DO you have a burning need to check who you're really related to?

Look no further than Home Bargains where you can have your DNA tested for £105.

The bargain chain stocks testing kits for £4.99, which you then send off to the lab for a £99 processing fee.

With jokes about Jeremy Kyle, the tests have become a talking point on social media

One user said: “No need to go on Jeremy Kyle when you can get a DNA test at home bargains for a fiver. Oh wait you need to pay £99 for the test, never mind"

Another tweeted: “The Home Bargains store that's near a friend of mine in Wales stocks DNA testing kits. I like the fact they're going to need to restock soon. Take that, Jeremy Kyle.”

And one said: “Home bargains have started doing dna testing kits..... Who needs Jeremy Kyle when you have home bargains…”

Others questions the price of the test.

One wrote: "Not 100% sure that I would trust a DNA test from Home Bargains, only 99.9% maybe.”

Another tweeted: “Just came across this in Home Bargains - because the one thing you want to scrimp on is a DNA test... #whatcouldgowrong”