More school leavers in Glasgow are going on to study at university and colleges than ever before, according to the latest figures.

The records for where pupils go onto after leaving school show the number s who are in work education or training almost hitting 92%.

The big turnaround in the last ten years is in the numbers who continue in education, with two thirds taking studies further.

The rate of city pupils going to higher education has gone up from just over one in five in 2007 to one in three last year.

Further education participation also increased going up from one in four to almost one in three.

It helped take the level of those in positive destinations after leaving school from 83.4% to 91.9% over ten years.

The rate of unemployment among school leavers has dropped significantly in Glasgow from almost 13% in 2007 to 6% last year.

At the same time as more were in post school education the number so those in work or in training fell over the same period.

Ten years ago there were almost 11% in training which fell to 5% last year and while 25% were in a job a decade ago it has dropped to 18% in the latest report.

The council said it is the result of ongoing work to improve the city’s performance.

Chris Cunningham, City Convener for Education, Skills and Early Years at Glasgow City Council, said: “I am delighted to say that the latest figures for young people leaving schools to go to a positive destination – ie work, training or further and higher education - are the best on record.

“Our work with partner organisations has delivered great results in recent years with the level of young people leaving school to attend Further and Higher Education rising from 47% a decade ago to just over 67% now.”

“This is crucial as the longer a young person stays in education, the better their long-term prospects in general. I look forward to this trend continuing in the future.”

Glasgow previously lagged behind most of the rest of Scotland in leaver destination figures.

however the city has now closed the gap in pupils going on to further and higher education with the rest of the country from 4% ten years ago to just 0.2% now.