Alex Salmond has been branded a ”useful idiot” for hosting his chat show on Russia Today TV channel.

Opponents have called on Mr Salmond to quit the channel, which is funded by the Russian government,in the wake of the poisoning investigation in Salisbury.

The MSP said the nerve agent used in the attack has been traced to Russian Labs and Mr Salmond should condemn it.

LibDem MSP, Alex Cole –Hamilton, said Mr Salmond should speak out against Vladimir Putin’s regime or he should leave the TV station.

Mr Cole-Hamilton said the former First Minister is being used by the TV channel to give it and “air of respectability”.

He said: “Alex Salmond has claimed he has editorial control of his show. If that is true he should condemn these developments.

“Salmond has played the useful (and well paid) idiot in RT’s veneer of respectability for long enough.”

Mr Salmond has not responded publicly to the comments so far.

When the show was launched last year, First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, said Mr Salmond was free to do as he wishes but said it would not have been her choice.