A LAG punched a prison officer after losing his cool during a cell search.

Steven Forbes, 32, went ballistic when a prohibited item was discovered during the inspection.

He was asked to calm down, but instead moved towards one of the officers with his hands raised in a violent manner. The prison worker put his hands over his face in protection, but Forbes struck out several times.

At Glasgow Sheriff Court, Forbes pleaded guilty to assaulting the officer by repeatedly punching him on the head within HMP Barlinnie on March 4, 2016.

In defence it was explained that the accused was serving a six-month sentence for another matter at the time of the offence.

Forbes had only been detained for a couple of days when the search took place. The accused had been compliant with the six officers during the inspection, but became argumentative when he believed he was being blamed for the banned stash and told them to enquire with his cellmate who had already been there for a number of months.

Forbes' lawyer claimed that the accused reacted to being surrounded by a number of officers, admitting: "He accepts that he lost control."

In punishment, Forbes was confined to solitary for three days and lost privileges for 21 – which meant he received no visitors, exercise or access to television for three weeks.

The defence agent highlighted Forbes' poor record and addiction issued, but stated that he had not offended since the incident.

His lawyer added: "For him, I would submit that that's a significant improvement."

Sheriff Brian Cameron stated: "Ordinarily I would be sending you back to Barlinnie.

"The only thing making me step away from that is the date of the offence."

It was explained that the accused had "broken the cycle" thanks to the influence of seeing his son each weekend.

Sheriff Cameron noted the positive Criminal Justice Social Work report, adding: "You obviously have a focus in your life, which is your young son."

Forbes was sentenced to a Community Payback Order with supervision for 15 months.