There are some things you will only ever hear in Glasgow or Glesga, as us locals call it, and this is our definitive list of the best.

1.Whit's fur ye'll no go by ye.

A classic Glaswegian explanation of what's meant to be will be. Whether it is your love life, going for job or buying a house - someone will always pipe in with, 'Whit's fur ye'll no go by ye'.

2. Skinny-Malink

Us Glaswegians are kind with words when it comes to people's body shapes, and this is the classic phrase for a tall thin person. Just don't mention 'big banana feet'. 

3. Keep the heid

A phrase used to tell someone to stay calm when they are faced with a situation which could make them angry.

4. Speak o' the Devil

This is a phrase used when you have been talking about someone, and they suddenly appear. 

5. Gie'in It Laldy

This describes the moment when you give something your all. It can also be used to decribe someone who has been bursting their moves on the dancefloor. 

6. Mad Wae It

A phrase used to described some who is heavily intoxicated and under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

7. Did ye, aye?

Often used as sarcasm when expressing disbelief at what the other person is saying. The phrase was made popular by comedian Kevin Bridges during one of his sketches. 

8. Away An Bile Yer Heid

When someone is talking utter nonsense, this is the one phrase you can hit them with. 

9. Taps aff

In a city which is used to cold weather, taps aff only means one thing - the sunshine is out. Usually when temperatures climb above zero, local men begin showing off their torsos whether it is toned or not. 

10. Pure baltic 

We are used to the cold so it really doesn't bother us. But when it is really cold, you hear us Glasweigians saying it is pure baltic. That my friends is next level cold. 

11. By the way

We just use this all the time to accentuate a point. It can also mean aswell, also or too, by the way.

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