SCOTTISH singer Gerry Cinnamon has been caught challenging a fan to a fight in after a pint is thrown at him on stage.

The Glasgow rocker is captured by a Snapchat user stomping to the front of the stage to confront the culprit while performing in the IronWorks in Inverness.

Pointing at the fan, he shouts: “Come up here ya f****** dafty.”

Before promising the crowd free tickets if they “smash f***” out of any pint throwers.

Fan Rory Finlayson caught the moment on video on Friday night and shared it to Twitter, writing: “Moral of the story…Don’t throw a pint at Gerry Cinnamon. He ain’t the biggest fan.”

Speaking over a huge cheer, he adds: “There’s sound c***s in here, f*** you.

“Throwing pints off lassies heeds and aw that, f*** you. See if you want to throw a pint, throw it over your own heid, or f*** off.”

The video of the 32-year-old already racked up more than 200,000 views and almost 3,000 retweets on social media.