Play came to a standstill today at Hampden as fans from both sides released balloons in tribute to tragic tot Koa Brock. 

Following an appeal from the boy's dad Barry, both Celtic and Rangers sides let balloons off in memory of the 8-month-old who passed away from meningitis. 

However, players from both sides were forced to stop play and pop the balloons that flooded on to the pitch. 

As previously reported, the SFA warned against helium balloons for fear that they would interfere with flights.

Fans took to Twitter to comment on the peculiar display from the teams during an Old Firm derby. 

User @SPC_RKO said: "“OK lads, get popping those balloons” Something a Celtic or Rangers player never thought he’d hear during an old firm."

Another @sothernfriedJ said: "Nice to see the old firm teams putting rivalry aside there to pop some balloons together."

Despite the interference with play, fans also praised the tribute to the tot who sadly lost his short battle with the illness. 

User @VintagePearlsx said: "Balloons from both side. Koa."

Another @kinny25 added: "Lovely to see so many blue and green balloons released from both sides at the Old Firm game."