The girlfriend of Rangers hero Nacho Novo has shocked her fans by ditching her brunette locks in place of a lighter look. 

Stephanie Heaney posted images of herself on social media with a stunning new blonde hairdo. 

Evening Times:

The 33-year-old is usually seen fashioning dark brown tresses so fans were shocked to see her new look. 

Commenting on her Facebook post Kristen Gray Hansen said: " Stephanie, seriously !!!! U look amazing, we need to know how u do this lol please tell us normal mums, ideally a bullet point presentation lol."

Another Tracey McGuire added: "Absolutely Stunning."

Evening Times:

As previously reported by the Evening times, the mum of two recently had to warn Facebook friends about an imposter profile pretending to be her. 

She said: "I can imagine who it is, not the first stalker move they have made.

"Plz report it and Obv don’t accept friends requests. Hopefully they get a life and get bored and move on."