ROAD safety officers will visit an East End primary school after parents raised a petition highlighting concerns about a busy junction.

Glasgow City Council confirmed that road safety officers will visit Haghill Park Primary School next week to meet with the headteacher and discuss the issue. The road safety officers will also assess the school zone.

It comes after over 500 people backed an online petition which raised concerns about safety at a pedestrian crossing outside the school on Cumbernauld Road.

The petition was started by Haghill Park Parent Council who are concerned about the safety of the school's 171 pupils.

The Evening Times also previously reported that a nine-year-old boy was hit with a car outside the school. He suffered a broken leg and elbow after he was knocked down in Cumbernauld Road in November, 2015.

The petition stated: “Haghill Park Parent Council are very concerned about the safety of the children and community that use the pedestrian crossing outside the school on Cumbernauld Road.

“Our main concerns are the volume and speed of traffic using this road at peak times. The phasing of the lights does not allow children to cross safely, there already has been a serious accident.

“Drivers do not always seem to heed the red lights and stay out the bus lane.”

The group want the council to consider a change in phasing of lights to ensure safe crossing, and they also hope the local authority will erect 20 plenty lighting and warnings at peak times.

The issue is also of concern to the local community who backed the petition.

One resident said: "The crossing is dangerous - I have to jog to get across before the lights change and I'm a fit adult. What are children and people with disabilities supposed to do?"

Another added: "The local council is obligated to ensure children have a safe crossing point on a busy road like Cumbernauld Road.

"Growing up in Haghill most of my life, myself and many others have seen some terrible accidents involving cars hitting people crossing the road."

Councillor Thomas Kerr contacted Glasgow City Council's Land and Environmental Services about the issue and now the local authority is to carry out a site visit.

He was also advised that in addition to the site visit, pupils recently took part in a programme of road safety lessons in a bid to educate them on the issue.